Community Involvement


School Rebate Program

Each year Givens Books & Little Dickens gives back 3% of all sales to schools whose faculty, parents and students mention at the time their purchase. This really can add up over the fiscal year and some of schools often end up with rebates of thousands of dollars. 

Please help us spread the word so we can further contribute back to your schools.



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Fundraising Fairs

Givens Books is happy to partner with your non-profit organization in its fundraising efforts.  A successful fundraising fair depends largely on timing, convenience, and strong support from your organization members. 


  • We host fairs from January 2 through October 31 to maximize the focus and visibility of your fair. 
  • Our large parking lot provides ample space for shopper parking.
  • We provide signs to you prior to the event to help you with marketing.


To raise the most amount of money:   it is important that you advertise and educate your organization members and community about your upcoming event. 


A percentage of total sales, including books, toys, teaching supplies, and gifts goes to your organization.


Givens Sales with your organization

Rewards for your organization

Up to $1,500.00

10% Cash


15% Gift Certificate

$1,500.00 to $8,000.00

15% Cash


20% Gift Certificate

$8,000.00 and up

20% Cash


25% Gift Certificate


Please note: our school rebate program, teacher discounts, coupons and special promotions do not apply during the duration of the fundraising fair.